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5 Amazing Vegan Spots in Richmond, VA (Museum District + The Fan)

It may surprise you that Richmond, Virginia has an amazing food scene (but it’s true)!

Today I am going to share 5 awesome vegan spots around Richmond, VA in the fan/museum district neighborhood.


Before we move on, I wanted to announce something amazing!

I just came out with my very own Vegan Guide to Richmond, VA. (Yay!)

This is where I have listed all the restaurants in Richmond that have vegan options with my favs added too. And with your purchase you get lifetime updates, as there are always new vegan spots popping up.

Click above or here is the link to snag yours:, so you can have a handy guide when deciding where to eat! Ok back to it.

1. Garnett's

First on the list is Garnett’s.

This is a delightful cafe with a nostalgic diner vibe on a street corner in the fan neighborhood.

The building dates back to 1908 when it was a drug store.

They offer classic sandwiches, salads, soup, slices of cake and pie, and coffee. Their vegan options consist of the House Salad, WBLT sandwich, Garnett’s Garden sandwich, and PB&AB

During Veganuary in Richmond they were running a special called the Bugs Bunny sandwich, which had smoked and pickled carrots with house pickles, tomato, and plant-based benedictine spread on toasted rye bread.

2. Minglewood Bake Shop

Next on my list is the 100% vegan bakery called Minglewood Bake Shop on Cary Street.

The offer a bunch of bakery treats like scones, cakes, pies, cookies, pastries but also grab & go plus coffee and ice cream. They’ve got pretty much anything you’d need.

During Veganuary their special was a chick'n bacon & ranch hand pie, as well as a vegan take on the local Ukrop’s rainbow cookies.

3. Scoop

This is an ice cream shop on Strawberry Street.

They offer tons of ice cream flavors and almost always have at least 2 vegan options.

My favorite flavor here is toasted coconut. It is coconut milk based with large chunks of coconut chips - seriously delicious.

Right now during Veganuary they have a new vegan flavor: Chocolate peanut butter pretzel - it is amazing!

4. Sticky Rice

This is a fun Japanese restaurant on Main Street.

They offer a huge selection of sushi, maki and veggie dishes. Their vegan selection is also large with tons of sushi, noodle and vegan chicken dishes.

During Veganuary their special was called the snow storm roll which had fried asparagus, avocado and cucumber with crushed fried rice

I also got my favorite roll, the veganzilla and Lukas got the Mock Chicken Szechuan with noodles.

5. Zorch Pizza

And last on our list, but definitely not least - is Zorch Pizza.

This is a creative pizza shop that sells pizza by the slice and sells out fast. They change their specials weekly and always has a few vegan options.

For veganuary they had a few specials - the vegan Nonna a pesto and vodka sauce pizza with vegan meatballs, vegan chicken za-fredo with vegan chicken nugget son top, and a vegan Philly cheesesteak. That is it for today’s list, but I feel like this should become a series - because there are so many amazing vegan options around Richmond.

To see the full YouTube video, watch here:

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