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3 Unique & Fun Date Night Ideas in Richmond, VA

Whether you're a local or you've just moved to Richmond (like me), I've got you covered with some really fun, (& some really unique) date night ideas. 

From delicious food to an adult arcade, Richmond has so much to offer.

I’m going to be covering a budget option and mid-range options.

  1. Casa Del Barco

Casa Del Barco is a Mexican restaurant with several locations in Richmond area: downtown, short pump & Chesterfield.

During the month of December they do their “Tinsel & Tequila” Xmas overlay at all their locations. We’ve never been here before & were excited to go inside and experience it.

Lets take a look at the menu:

Food: Mexican

Tacos range from $12-$16

Cocktails: range from $9 - $16

Our Date Total: $57.05

Chips and Salsa


3 Mushroom Tacos

1 Loquito Coquito cocktail

Fav Part:

I especially loved this location because it’s right on the canal. So before or after dinner you could go for a nice walk. And during the summer, you can eat al fresco with a gorgeous view.

2. The Byrd Theatre

The Byrd is an Opulent Motion Picture palace built in 1928. It’s known for its stunning architecture and the fact that it's one of the very few remaining grand movie palaces of its era.

Now they show classic films, like this night they were showing "The Nightmare Before Christmas". This is one of my favorite things to do in Richmond.

This local guy Bob Gulledge also plays the Wurlitzer organ before shows. He rises out of the stage and puts on a show for you. It really is a whole experience.


Movie Ticket: $8

Popcorn (Small): $6.50

Popcorn (Large): $8

Our Date Total: $22.50

2 Movie Tickets

1 Small Popcorn

Fav Part:

The vibes inside make you feel like you are living in the past and visiting an opera house or something. I also love the Wurlitzer Organ performance before the movie.

3. Bingo Beer Company

Bingo Beer Company is where you can drink, eat, and play. Here it offers a brewery, restaurant, arcade, and outdoor patio with fire pits. So they sort of have something for everyone.

When we visited they had their Holiday Winter Wonderland overlay, which I absolutely loved.

Let’s take a look at the menus:

Food: American 

Vegan Options:

Vegan Nuggets - $12

Jumbo soft pretzel - $12

Vegan fried chicken - $12

Impossible Burger - $15

Pizza $15 - $30 depending on size

Cocktails: range from $10-$12

Our Date Total: $40.70

Vegan Chicken Nuggets w/ Waffle fries

1 Apple Bottom Jeans cocktail

$10 Game Card

Fav Part:

Lukas and I love an arcade and this one had so many games to play. We played skiball, basketball, air hockey and raced each other on mario kart. It was so fun!

That is it for today’s list, but I feel like this should become a series - because there are so many cool date night options around Richmond. To see the full YouTube video, watch here:


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