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Top 3 Best Vegan Restaurants Toledo, Spain

Surprisingly the old capital of Spain (and just a 30 minute train ride outside of Madrid) has a few solid vegan options. So if you are looking to day trip here, make sure to check out of Top 3 Recommendations.

I’m Lauren Z Ray, a full-time traveler, living in a new country every month along with my partner Lukas. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for daily vegan travel tips here.

The Vegan Roll

Category: Vegan Restaurant + Grocery

Type: Quick Service

Where: C. Buzones, 2, 45002 Toledo, Spain

Vibe: Laid back

What to Order: Gyozas, Philadelphia Roll

This place was awesome! The owner was there making all the sushi and his passion was infectious. Everything here tastes amazing and I cannot believe a vegan sushi place exists in Toledo. Also we snagged a few vegan groceries while there.

Street and Soul

Category: Vegan Restaurant

Type: Table service, reservation recommended

Where: Cta. Mona, 1, 45001 Toledo, Spain

Vibe: Upscale

What to Order: Wine, Mediterranean Burger, Gnocchis, Ferrer Rocher cake

This place was amazing! The owner was so sweet and everything tasted amazing. I highly recommend getting the burger, it was so tasty. We also loved the cake and wish we would have each gotten our own!

Madre Tierra

Category: Vegan Options

Type: Table service

Where: Bajada Tripería, 2, 45001 Toledo, Spain

Vibe: Upscale

What to Order: Pizza, Risotto

This is a vegetarian restaurant where they can make almost everything in their menu vegan. Our waiter only spoke Spanish, but that was ok because I was able to practice! Surprisingly the risotto and pizza were really good! Perfect flavor and very filling.



Category: Vegan Options

Type: Quick Service

Where: C. Comercio, 40, 45001 Toledo, Spain

Vibe: Laid back cafe

What to Order: BBQ 'Chicken' panini with oat milk cappuccino

If you are staying the night like we did, you will be wanting to get some breakfast the next morning and luckily Starbuck in Europe has a few options. The bbq panini is a great go to, as its really filling and they warm it up for you.


Of course, there are better places in the world for vegan food, but honestly it is really good here in Toledo! I loved all of it.

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