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Best Vegan Food Santorini

Santorini, Greece isn't the easiest city to find Vegan food or plant-based options, but I was able to find some! Here are the best restaurants (and what to order) in Santorini: 👇


This is an ice cream shop around Greece that has tasty sorbet options. The mango was fantastic!

2. @kaliya_santorini

The view from this restaurant is insane! They also have a separate vegan menu. Unfortunately when I was there they only had the falafel wrap. We also got fava spread, which is always vegan and always delicious!!

3. @5senses_santorini

This is the only fully-vegan restaurant on Santorini. I highly recommend coming here a few times, as the menu is quite extensive. I really love that they take traditional Greek dishes and veganize them. The tzatziki dip was the best I ever had! Lukas loved the baklava.

4. @falafeland_santorini

The have a few vegan falafel choices here (made to order), as well as traditional desserts veganized. I recommend asking for extra sauce!

5. @navys_santorini

This is a beachside restaurant at Kamari Beach. I really loved it here because of the views and also because they had a separate vegan menu, including risotto!

6. @onarsantorini

Onar is another restaurant with an incredible view of Santorini. They also had a few options, like this red pasta with capers.

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