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Best Vegan Food Salt Lake City, Utah

To be vegan and visit Salt Lake City is a treat! They have an incredible vegan scene with so many delicious options, it really blew us away! From tasty donuts to super creamy ice cream, you will definitely have your fill! Here are the best restaurants (and what to order) in Salt Lake City: 👇


Holy Moly! This Mexican restaurant reminds me so much of LA and has the coolest decor. The best part though is that they have a separate vegan menu, with enchiladas! I feel like it's so extremely rare to see that. Everything was amazing, including the chips n' salsa. Get the enchiladas with the "chicken" soy curls.


A 100% plant-based vegan french bakery? Uh yes please! I couldn't believe the selection here, this photo does not do it justice. I was so excited I honestly forgot to take photos. I recommend any tarts and croissants of course. So good!


This is a great place to stop for coffee. It was some really tasty lattes and tons of plant milks. Also the vibe is cozy and on point.


A whole donut shop with all vegan donuts? Salt Lake City is the coolest! They have yeast donuts and cake donuts but I have to say - GET THE MAPLE BAR! It's sooo good.


If you can only go one place in Salt Lake City, go to Vertical Diner. They have all day breakfast and it is so tasty! I didn't get to try their lunch & dinner offerings, but the menu looked amazing. We got the blueberry pancakes, which tasted just like a diner pancake! Also their homemade sausage is to die for, seriously so good!


This hipster coffee shop has a really good chai latte and they also have housemade almond milk, it was super tasty! Lukas absolutely loved their cold brew, he said it was the best he's ever had!


I'm not usually one to go after a sandwich shop, but Buds has changed my mind. I don't know if it's how jam-packed their sandwiches are or how tasty their homemade sourdough bread is - but I loved it! We even had leftovers for the next day and it was still good! We got the pesto & buffalo sandwiches (also don't miss out on their zucchini cookie!).


I think this may be my favorite ice cream shop I've ever been to. The entire menu is vegan! And the list is so long and has such tasty flavors. If you love lemon, please get their lemon bar ice cream. It has swirls of lemon curd and chunks of shortbread cookies, I am crying thinking about it. The blueberry crumble was good too...oh and don't forget the waffle cone!!


This restaurant is a little out of town but I think it is worth the drive if you love Vietnamese food. The entire menu is plant-based, and it made me so excited because i hadn't had pho in so long. When we visited Vietnam it's what I had almost every day - for breakfast even! I recommend getting that as well as their summer rolls - so yum!

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If you'd like to see our Full Trip to Salt Lake City with all the best food, watch our Travel Vlog:

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