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Best Vegan Food Nashville, Tennessee

When you visit Nashville and you're vegan, you won't feel left out by not trying some of their famous southern comfort food because they have plenty of great options! Here are the best restaurants (and what to order) in Nashville: 👇


Order anything from this restaurant and you won't be disappointed Make sure to get the loaded potatoes and the Nashville Hot 'Chicken' (tempeh) sandwich.


I love this cute cafe. They don't really have vegan food options, besides avocado toast, but their roze latte is delicious! Plenty of plant milks to choose from.


This is the storefront for the behive brand, which is a Nashville specialty. I love everything behive and getting to try food from their restaurant was amazing! Make sure to get the nacho tots, the Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich, and the kale salad!


This is a donut shop that always has a few vegan options on hand. I found the options to be quite boring compared to other vegan donut shops I've been to but their Purist donut was quite good.


They have locations all around Nashville. There are a few vegan food options, like avocado toast, but we came for the coffee. The rosemary latte with oat milk was so good!


There are always plenty of vegan ice cream options here. If they have the Texas Sheet Cake flavor, don't hesitate - just get it! It's like chocolate cake and ice cream from a birthday party.

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If you'd like to see our Full Trip to Nashville with all the best food, watch our Travel Vlog:

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