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Best Vegan Food Denver, Colorado

Denver had quite a few vegan options and even though they didn't have tons, what they did have was super tasty! When I think of Denver now I think of delicious pizza and cupcakes! You shouldn't worry if you're vegan and headed to Denver, you won't be disappointed. Here are the best restaurants (and what to order) in Denver: 👇


This is a chain across the USA, but whenever I am in a city that has it - I go! This is some of my favorite vegan ramen in the world. The flavors are so bold and tasty, which can sometimes not happen with vegan options. I recommend getting the spicy creamy ramen and the flying harvest vegan ramen! The noodles are so thick & chewy and the broth is the best!


This was my favorite stop in Denver! City O' City is a vegetarian restaurant but they can make anything vegan, which is a plus! We ordered the avocado club salad, poutine (with cashew ricotta), and the vegan sausage & peppers pizza. If I ever go back all I will get is a cheese pizza with their homemade mozzarella - it was incredible!


This is a coffee shop with a few locations around Denver. We got their chai latte with oat milk and it was super spicy, but really tasty! They have a location next to the Unsinkable Molly Brown House and we stopped by before going on that tour.


A 100% plant-based bakery? Count me in! Also what's cool about this place is that it's located right next to City O' City, so head here for dessert! We got the HoHo Cupcake and it was incredible! I don't even like hostess snacks but I loved this! The danish was also amazing Lukas said (he ate it the next day for breakfast).


Ed's Cantina is a Mexican & Coloradan food restaurant in Estes Park. We went here after our day in Rocky Mountain National Park. They have quite a few vegan options, but the portions are quite small. I recommend ordering some chips n' salsa as well to make the meal more substantial.


This is a great stop to get a smoothie or other healthy bites. After a long day of eating heavy food, we opted to get this smoothie for dinner to try to balance out our day haha. It was really good and everyone who worked there was super nice.

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If you'd like to see our Full Trip to Denver with all the best food, watch our Travel Vlog:

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