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Best Vegan Food Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati actually had some pretty good vegan options! Most of them generally reside around the Findlay Market, which is closed on Mondays. Here were some of our favorites!

  1. Harmony Plant-Fare

This is a New York style plant-based deli inside Findlay Market. We went on two occasions and tried four of their sandwiches. We tried the buffalo ranch, italian, gyro and turkey harvati. I recommend the Italian and Buffalo Ranch. They have the freshest and best flavor out of the ones we tried.

2. Like Moms Only Vegan

This is a cookie shop at an outside stall at Findlay market. They bake the cookies somewhere else and bring the bags to the stall. They sell in 1/2 dozen and dozen. We got the campfire cookies and they were really good. We liked the marshmallow in them but the flavor was quite subtle.

3. Deeper Roots Coffee

This may not count as food, but here they have some lovely vegan lattes. We also came here twice as they have several locations around town. We got the lavender latte with oat milk and at a later time the spicy mocha latte with oat milk. Both were amazing and I highly recommend stopping by!

4. The Sleepy Bee

This is a cafe downtown that has several vegan options. Like the name says, they also have a lot of focus on honey - but don't worry, they won't put it on if requested. We got the sweet potato bowl and tofu sandwich with chimichurri sauce. They were both tasty, but portions are small. They also had a vegan version of the Cincinnati classic 'goetta'. It was a bit dry, tasted like haggis, but was honestly pretty tasty.

5. Aladdin's

This is restaurant has so many vegan options, but they are all combinations of the same thing. So you can get a falafel pizza, but it has the same ingredients as a falafel plate - so keep that in mind! We got the cauliflower wrap, falafel pizza, and appetizer sampler. After we ate we realized we should have just shared the appetizer plate for dinner, as it was huge and super tasty!

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If you want to watch our full trip to Cincinnati, you can check out the vlog here:

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