Growing up I had a relationship with food where the “tastier & worse for you” - the better it was and over-indulgence was very common. Eat until you’re full, then eat some more, and if there’s dessert - eat that too. Deep fried pepperoni pizza breadsticks with cheese dipping sauce? Yes, please!


When I got older, my relationship with food got uglier. I wanted to look 'skinny' and 'small'. It was all about depriving yourself of food and if you gave in to temptation, you felt guilt or shame for having indulged. I hated it!


Eventually I started to gain a pretty healthy relationship with food. I started to feel good in my own skin and be proud of my body. But something was still missing.


I still got horrible stomach aches and had a lot of digestive issues - that I won’t go into detail about - but I have had them all my life.


When searching for a solution to get the pain to go away, I fell upon some videos about being plant-based on YouTube. 


Now, I was definitely the type of person that said “What about your protein?” and “Vegans are weird!”. You know, stuff like that…you get it…haha.


But for all the pain I was in, I thought it was worth a try.


…And then it changed my life.


My pain is now gone. And on top of that, food is fun again! 


Before to “maintain my weight”, I would just eat salads…like every meal. And I never listened to my hunger cues.


Now, I can eat pasta…and bread! I’ve never felt more alive! I view food as nourishment for my body, rather than whether or not it will “make me fat”.


My whole mindset has shifted! It’s became a more wholesome way of eating. ...And Living!


No fear, no guilt, no shame…just nourishment.


If it’s taking my pain away and also that of the animals, and of the Earth, well that’s pretty awesome!


Now this is my journey, but everyone’s journey is different. 


I don’t believe in pressuring anyone else to live a certain way or make people feel inadequate. I don’t like strict guidelines or having to “be perfect”. I’m tired of that shiz. These are all toxic thoughts from my past, and I am only looking to live in the present. 


If eating more plant-based is something you’re interested in, I post recipes on here pretty often! Just please don’t ever feel guilt or shame, just feel excited to try something new every once in awhile! Love your body and nourish it well. :)