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I've struggled with disordered eating & digestive issues my whole life. I tried everything to help heal myself. I was on YouTube and started going down the rabbit hole of plant-based & vegan videos and decided to give it a try.

3 + years later, a few ebooks, and a newfound love for cooking - and I feel better than ever! I have also learned about the environmental impact & impact on animals my decision has made, which makes me even happier to be Vegan!

I don’t believe in pressuring anyone else to live a certain way or make people feel inadequate. I don’t like strict guidelines or having to “be perfect”. These are all toxic thoughts from my past, and I am only looking to

live in the present. 


If eating more plant-based food is something you’re interested in, I post recipes on here pretty often! Just please don’t ever feel guilt or shame, just feel excited to try something new every once in awhile! Love your body and nourish it well. :)



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