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10+ Unique International Dishes 

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100% Vegan

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My Healthy Eating Hacks

Travel Tips & Eating Vegan Abroad

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My Personal Food Diary

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100+ Simple Vegan Recipes

  • Start your Vegan journey with this eBook.

  • Easy Beginner Recipes for those just starting out or beginner 'chefs'.

  • There are delicious recipes that even Non-Vegans will love (tested on my family)!

  • Lauren & Lukas mark which recipes are their favorites!

  • Also marked are those recipes best for traveling.

  • Time to experiment and try a Vegan meal.

  • It's all simple & delicious!

10+ Unique International Dishes

  • Throughout our travels we have found there to be traditional dishes in every country. Most of them are made with meat.

  • So I decided to create "Vegan-Versions" of these dishes & include them in this eBook, like this Vegan Sushi recipe.

  • There are some you may have heard of & some very unique ones.

  • All very simple & tasty!

Life Hacks & Tips

  • I have included my 8 Healthy Eating Hacks, which help you be healthy during your busy life.

  • Also included are what I've found to be helpful when Traveling & Eating Vegan Abroad.

  • I added a Grocery Shopping List that has every item from every recipe listed, to help you while shopping at the market.

  • There are 3 pages from my Food Diary in the eBook, so you can see exactly what I eat on 3 separate days.

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100+ Simple Recipes + Health Hacks & Travel Tips