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Vegan Chicken Alfredo Pizza recipe

‘Chicken’ Alfredo & Veggie Pizza recipes⬇️⠀

These are my Quick & Easy Vegan Pizza recipes, and they are insanely tasty!!⠀

Dough recipe:⠀

2 cups all-purpose flour ⠀

1 packet instant yeast ⠀

1 1/2 teaspoons sugar⠀

3/4 teaspoon salt⠀

2 Tablespoons olive oil ⠀

3/4 cup warm water⠀


1. Combine 1 cup of flour, yeast, sugar, and salt in a large bowl.⠀

2. Add olive oil & warm water to mixture then mix.⠀

3. Gradually add the other cup of flour to mixture.⠀

4. Once it forms a ball, put it in a new bowl that’s been brushed with olive oil. Put plastic wrap over it and let sit for 30 min. in a warm place.⠀

5. After 30 min, roll the dough out on a floured surface into a pizza dough shape.⠀

6. Add to a greased pizza pan. Fork holes in the bottom, then add whatever toppings you’d like.⠀

7. Bake at 425F (215C) for 15 minutes.⠀

🧄Chicken Alfredo Toppings:⠀

Vegan Alfredo sauce (recipe from my eBook)⠀

Vegan Chicken strips⠀

Carmelized onions⠀

Mushrooms, sautéed ⠀

Tomato, diced⠀

Vegan Mozarella⠀


🍅Veggie Pizza Toppings:⠀

Tomato Paste⠀

Mushrooms, sliced⠀

Onions, sliced⠀


Red Pepper, diced⠀

Tomato, diced⠀

Jalapeno, diced⠀

Vegan Mozarella⠀

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