How to make Dutch Pancakes.

Hello! If you're not caught up we sold everything we owned + our house and now travel the world for our business TEAMMBL. We are speaking at music schools and meeting up with you guys!


Every country I visit I want to attempt to make a traditional food item.

This week is The Netherlands - or as most of you know it, Amsterdam.

Something they are famous for, and a lot of tourists enjoy, is the Dutch Pancake.

It's a bit thicker than a crepe, but tastes pretty similar.

In Dutch this is called a 'Pannenkoeken'.

Today that is what I will attempt to make and then I'm going to have my friend Ben, who is Dutch and Lukas, who is not - try them and see if I passed or failed.

The recipe is actually quite simple (what could go wrong?)...

When you look at all the ingredients like this, you realize it's probably not so bad!

Then you realize the instructions are in I did my best to interpret and assume. Lol.

Next I basically mixed everything together...

Then I Poured a thin layer of the batter into a pan that's been greased with butter and added bananas!

Cooked both sides evenly, approx 6 minutes each side on low heat. Then I covered mine in Nutella!

Also added some whipped cream, or 'Slag Room' as they say it in Dutch. Enjoy! :)

Here is the Super Simple Pannekoeken recipe:



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