Top 5 Vegan BBQ in Richmond

Richmond has a fantastic bbq scene, and you may feel disappointed as a Vegan to not get to taste some of their top-notch food...Well think, again! Richmond has tons of vegan bbq options! Here is a list of my Top 5 Favorite BBQ Sandwiches that I had in Richmond.

TOP 5 Vegan BBQ in Richmond 👇:

1. @thepittsdive - BBQ Jackfruit sandwich⠀

Made from jackfruit, this sandwich was super flavorful & came with the crispiest fries ever. I loved that they topped it with pickles (my fav!). Follow their instagram page to see where their food truck will end up next!

2. @zzqrva - BBQ Seitan sandwich⠀

The way they grilled each piece of seitan made this sandwich so meaty. The bbq sauce they used was unreal too, sweet & salty.

3. @ipanemaveg - BBQ Jackfruit sandwich⠀

This cafe has tons of vegan options, including this pulled jackfruit sandwich. The real winner of this sandwich was the sauce they used - I love a good aioli! I also got their vegan pie slice of the day, a must!

5. @frescaonaddison - BBQ Seitan pita⠀

This interesting take on the classic bbq sandwich is served in a pita! I loved the pineapple slaw they topped the sandwich off with, it gave it a good crunch. Also, since this cafe has sooo many vegan options, we ordered a pizza too. The mushroom pizza with red onion - a winner!

6. @gwarbarrva - BBQ seitan sandwich⠀

As you can see from this picture, this gastropub has tons of vegan comfort food options. We ordered their seitan sandwich on a ciabatta with sweet potato fries - so good! We got it with their classic bbq sauce, which was vinegary and delicious. We also ordered their seitan & cauliflower wings in buffalo sauce & classic bbq - I recommend trying them too.

Richmond is a vegan foodie's paradise! You will be surprised with how many choices they have (besides vegan bbq sandwiches). We also loved their sushi, pizza, thai food, ice cream, tacos & more! I will be adding another blog of my top favorite vegan foods soon.

If you love vegan food - get yourself to Richmond, Virginia!



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