Top 5 MUST-VISIT Washington D.C.⬇️

If you're headed to Washington D.C., make sure to check out these 5 places!

Top 5 MUST-VISIT Washington D.C.👇

1. US Capital

Check out where the Senate & House of Representatives do their work.

2. The White House

This is the closest I could get to the White House at the time. This is where the President of the US lives & works.

3. Lincoln Memorial

Come see the massive 19 foot statue of Abraham Lincoln (US 16th President).

4. Washington Monument

You can get tickets to the top and see the best views of Washington D.C. from this monument dedicated to the 1st President of the USA, George Washington.

5. Supreme Court

See where RBG used to work!

There are so many cool places to visit in Washington D.C., these are just a few of my favorites! This city is definitely worth a visit, as most places are free and open year round.

Enjoy your time here!



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