Top 5 Best Vegan Food in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. had such an amazing vegan food scene, it really surprised us. Everything from Chinese to Mediterranean - all delicious. Here are my top picks.

My 5 FAV Vegan Foods Washington DC ⬇️

1. @eatpowpow - order mozzarella croquettes

Anything you get from this 100% Vegan Chinese Restaurant is going to be delicious. We ordered the firecracker chik'n and the kung pao chick'n - as well as the stand out mozzarella croquettes. These may surprise you, but the creamy, cripsy balls are soooooo good and the spicy sauce they come with - even better!

2. @shoukfood - order shawarma sandwich

Ohhhh my gosh, this oyster mushroom shawarma takes the cake. What a delicious flavor, and add it to hummus and veggies in a pita - and I am sold! Lukas now claims this is his favorite food ever. Also, order the sweet potato fries, you won't be disappointed. This is a 100% Vegan Mediterranean restaurant.

3. @fancyradishdc - order fondue

Fancy Radish is a 100% Vegan restaurant that has tons of food, and a lot of it can seem quite random - but they do all of it perfectly. We loved the fondue (made from rutabaga) and the Dan Dan noodles.

4. @eatfarewell - order buffalo wings

Eat Farewell is a vegan comfort foodie's paradise. We ordered the sausage, mac n' cheese and the seitan wings with buffalo sauce. We loved how crispy and meaty the seitan wings were, really hit the spot!

5. @sweetgreen - order shroomami

I am not one to order a salad when trying out food, but the vegan options at Sweetgreen are sort of limited, so I ordered the shroomami bowl, and I was not disappointed! It's a warm kale salad jam packed with flavor. I recommend ordering it with the curried cauliflower and ask them to toss it with light sauce.

There are so many more places to try in Washington D.C., and since we were only there for a few days, we only go to try a few. But now you know as a Vegan, you can definitely survive Washington D.C.!



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