TOP 5 FAV Things to do in Charleston

Charleston is an amazing place to visit as it's got great weather, great food, and a lot of history. If you're traveling there and want to skip straight to the best parts, here are my 5 Favorite Things to Do in Charleston:

1. McLeod Plantation

At this plantation they have a guided tour that takes you through the grounds, the house, and the enslaved people cabins. You learn so much about what life was truly like on this plantation and learn so much. This was by far my favorite plantation, and we visited over 5 of them.

2. Aiken-Rhett House museum

At this historical mansion, they focused on preserving, rather than restoring this 1820 antebellum home. The effect made it feel like it was you who discovered this old home, frozen in time, exactly as they left it all those years ago. Paint-chipped, wood scuffed, and dreamy details make this the perfect mansion to visit.

3. Firefly Distillery

If you like southern comforts and drinking - this is a must stop. They infuse all of their liquors with a southern twist. A few of our favorites was the lemonade vodka, the sweet tea vodka, the chocolate pecan pie rum, and the apple pie moonshine.

4. Folly Beach

You can't come to Charleston and not visit a beach, this city is surrounded by water! If you want a place to go shopping, eat good food, and wonder the sand, Folly Beach is the place. They have an amazingly large pier too, so you can really enjoy the sea views. Stop by Taco Boy for Mexican food options and margaritas beforehand.

5. Eat Vegan Southern Comfort Food

This may be an obvious one, but I had to mention it because it is crucial. Southern food like fried chicken, reuben sandwiches, grits, chicken & waffles, biscuits, etc must be consumed while you're down here. Here is a list of my favorite vegan foods in Charleston.

I hope this list helps you plan the ultimate trip to Charleston. We really enjoyed our stay and will be back again another day.


Lauren Z. Ray

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