Top 10 Pics from 2019

Top 10 Pics from 2019:⠀ ⠀ 1. Discovering Earth Houses underground in Orkney.⠀ 2. Hanging with a huge bull in Scotland.⠀ 3. Making music videos in Florida.⠀ 4. Enjoying architecture in Belgium.⠀ 5. Filming night markets in Vietnam.⠀ 6. Going to Tokyo Disneyland!⠀ 7. Kayaking through Ha Long Bay.⠀ 8. Discovering Gaudi architecture in Spain.⠀ 9. Seeing the wonder of Bali.⠀ 10. Feeding Reindeer in the snow in Scotland.⠀

These aren’t my ‘most liked’ photos, or even the best photos I have from 2019. To me, these photos remind me of very specific memories that made me feel happy. And the theme of 2019 for me was searching for happiness.⠀ ⠀ We sometimes see people’s lives as perfect, but we never really know what is going on inside. For me, I made a conscious decision to work very hard at cleaning up my ‘inside’ and to start feeling happy. I’m still working on it. But taking in moments that truly bring me happiness and remembering them, is something that helps me a lot. When I am in my darkest moments, I remember these memories and that’s what helps me come out of them. Maybe this is something that could help you too. And you don’t have to be in some exotic faraway country to have happy memories. Just the memory of the smell of firewood can bring me out of a bad time.