My TOP 10 MUST-DOs in Amsterdam.

Hello! If you're not caught up we sold everything we owned + our house in LA and now travel the world for our business TEAMMBL. We are living like locals, one month in one country at a time.

Now since moving to our first country, The Netherlands, and living in Amsterdam for EXACTLY 1 month, I have gathered a list of my Top 10 favorite things to do here - from a tourist living like a local POV. :P

Also really quickly, here is a cheat sheet if you ever visit Amsterdam:

1. Currency - Euros

2. Language - Dutch (But everyone speaks almost-perfect English)

3. Passport/Visa - No need for a Visa if you're from the US, Passport is fine. Also Passport Control has been fast and efficient every time we have gone through.

4. Bring cash - a lot of places don't accept American CC (credit cards accepted at restaurants, some retail, and gas stations)

5. When to visit? Anytime.

1. Walk around Jordaan Canals, get your classic canal pic (otherwise you didn't come, right? :P). The views and the birds and the trees have such good vibes - or Gezellig (heh-SELL-ick) as the Dutch say. There's no real translation here, but it means cozy and comfy and just warm inside.

2. Go to a Frituur - try something fried. One of my favorites is Vlaams Friethuis - I always get the fries with spicy mayo. The Dutch fry a lot of things, bitterballen, krokets, but my favorite are their thick cut fries.

3. Don't rent a bike. You can sight-see from walking so much better and safer. Bikes are constantly falling in the canals and the Locals are legendary bicyclists and can't be bothered to slow down for tourists trying to ride.

4. Eat some Stroopwafels, I have had many flavors and Salted Caramel is my absolute favorite, you can even get them from Albert Heijn (local grocery store) and they're still amazing!

5. Go to Vondelpark in the Fall. Its 47 acres and a break from tourists and the city. Amsterdam has 400,000 trees binding its canal banks together and one of the leafiest cities in Europe! The Fall Vibes are on point here!

6. Visit the Anne Frank House. Make sure to buy a ticket online and in the early slots during the week, this seems to be the least busy time. It is so amazing to see and learn about things, you really gain perspective of it all.

7. Eat Pancakes or 'Pannekoeken', you won't regret it! And might I recommend to get a savory one! The Pancake Bakery is one of my favorites, it is so delicious. Also, in last week's blog post I attempted to make one of these, so go check that out if you want a good laugh!

8. Visit the Rijksmuseum and see some amazing works of art, weapon and clothing from back in the day! Also the I am Amsterdam sign is currently out front, if you want to get a picture there! Here they also have a few Van Gogh paintings inside, so if you only have time for 1 museum, you can see some.

9. Try Gouda cheese ,even if it's just from the grocery store. It's creamier than most cheese but still a hard cheese - at least this is how I can describe it. It is so good here! The Dutch are famous for it for a reason.

10. Attempt a conversation or at least speak a little Dutch. Hallo, Hoe gat het met U? Goed, dank u. (Hello, How are you?, Good, thank you.) These are a few phrases that can just be fun to say, or attempt to say, to a Dutch person. It's humorous for both sides and gives you a feeling of triumph if you nail it!

These are a few places I want to go, but haven't yet:

Royal Palace

Remebrandt House Museum

Begijnensteeg - The Begijnhof

Bilderdijkstraat shops

Albert Cuyp market - for the homemade stroopwafels

Amsterdam Castle Mudien

Make sure to drop a COMMENT if you've been to any of these! Because I will definitely be back to Amsterdam!