The Past is the...Past?

How much of my day has been spent thinking about the past? Ruminating over and over again on what could have been or sad about what did happen. ⠀

What if I took that same amount of energy and used it to focus on the present. What a gift it is to be alive. To be myself. To be exactly where I am. ⠀

I think I’d find the joy in today. I’d see all the reasons I’m fortunate, all the reasons to smile, all the beautiful gifts of the world. ⠀

So I’ve been trying to do just that. And the change is incredible. Since I’ve spent less time thinking ‘sad’ thoughts and more time spent thinking ‘happy’ thoughts - I’m happier! Who would have thought?

I used to say ‘That’s just the way I am, I can’t change’ and now I say ‘I’ve got the power to change’. ⠀

Get your power back.