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The Jobs I had in NYC 10+ years ago

I used to live in NYC in 2008. I moved there right after graduating high school and attended acting school there. (More on this on a later post).

While living and going to school here I had 2 jobs:

1. Swim Instructor at Eastern Athletics in Brooklyn

2. Worked at a New York deli called ‘Lassen & Hennigs'

It was fun to visit them again on this trip and remember some good memories (see below).

🏊‍♀️How I got the Swim Instructor job: I would swim laps at this gym every day. One day the manager saw me swim and asked me to teach lessons there.

♥️My Fav Memory: Teaching a 70 year old woman how to swim for the first time in her life.⠀


🥯How I got the Deli job: I walked in and asked if they were hiring. They hired me on the spot. I would write on cakes, package cookies, & work as a cashier.

🍰My Fav Memory: Getting to eat their red velvet cake slices

Watch my NYC Vlog:

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