The Berber Tribes of North Africa

We went out to the Mountains to meet the Berber tribes of North Africa.🏔 ⠀

The Berbers have a long and ancient history, but it has been overlooked because they had no written language. The first hint of their history came from the discovery of cave paintings - that ended up being over 12,000 years old! Many of the paintings depict farming activities and domestic animals. ⠀

Culture and traditions within each Berber community is very tribal. Here each village has a chief who is voted in to take care of them. When a woman marries, she goes to live with her husband’s family. The men travel to cities to work and the women look after the children and livestock (mainly sheep & donkeys). ⠀

The sheep provide them with wool which the women use to weave kilims, a tapestry like woven carpet. These are sometimes made for personal use, but are also often sold at the local souks (markets), and we passed by many. The donkeys help them travel where there aren’t any roads and also carry their heavy items from place to place.⠀

The Berbers were all extremely nice and welcoming and spoke several languages including Berber, Arabic, French and English. In the Valley where they live there is 1 hospital and 1 school. They treat each other like family.⠀