Talking about Hate & Negativity

Let’s talk about Hate & Negativity👇

I have done a lot of inner work on this topic and wanted to share my thoughts and what I have learned - with you. I know a lot of you deal with this both online and offline, so I’m hoping this helps.

Negativity from people comes from what’s happening with themselves inside, what they are going through, and how they feel about themselves. Their actions are a reflection of themselves. It’s not about you. It was never about you. It’s about what’s happening with them.

Knowing this, it shouldn’t make you sad or angry at their words or actions - but sadness for them, or what is called ‘empathy’. They are going through a lot, and they aren’t feeling their best, and that is sad. They are feeling SO bad that they take it out on another person.

Negativity and hate towards you will never affect how you feel about yourself. Because they don’t know you. No one knows you as well as you know yourself. What they say about you, isn’t you - it’s them.

YOU are a badass, flawless, powerful person who can conquer anything!!🔥💯🧨💥🌟