Our COVID-19 Story

Goodbye Morocco👋 ⠀

We had to cut our trip short by a few days to get back to the US a few weeks ago. Right after the Travel Ban was announced, I got the first flight to London & on my way to the airport, I booked a flight to Miami the next day. (The Morocco airport closed the very next day!)⠀

We slept in a hotel that was in the London Airport. Early the next day we boarded a 10 hour flight to Miami. When we landed we went through passport control, then got our bags, then had an additional screening done. ⠀

They took our passports and made us wait until they called our names. After your name was called, you met with someone to answer a few questions about your recent travels. Then they let you go. ⠀

We hadn’t been in any banned countries in the last 2 weeks, so we were free to go. It just worked out that we had been in Morocco for over 2 weeks & then had a flight out of London, which at the time, was very lucky. ⠀

It was a seriously stressful situation, but we were able to handle it by acting like it was just another ‘Travel Day’ and everything was going to be ok. Positive thoughts only. ⠀

Believe me, when we finally got out of the airport in Miami, I wanted to kiss the ground. I am so thankful to be back in the US for this difficult time. I hope you all are staying safe & continuing to think as positively as you can!♥️