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My Top 5 Fav Vegan Foods in Richmond

I have been raving about Richmond's vegan scene for some time now. Everyone seems to be surprised, and so was I (at first)! Now I've eaten my way through RVA and can tell you, this is a Vegan Foodie's paradise. From Sushi to Pizza, they do not disappoint in their vegan options. After a month, I have now complied my list of favorites.

Here are my Top 5 Fav Vegan Foods in Richmond ⬇️:

  1. The Veganzilla sushi roll at Sticky Rice. 🍣

Many will question if vegan sushi can hold up against the seafood version, and the answer is YES. At Sticky Rice they have created the best sushi roll I have ever had, 'The Veganzilla'. It's jam packed with flavor and a little crunch. Made with tempura-fried tofu, avocado, cucumber, vegan cream cheese, & vegan spicy mayo topped with tempura crunches, it is sure to satisfy.

2. Vegan Pepperoni & Jalapeño pizza at Hop Craft Pizza.

I love pizza. Who doesn't? If you're ever worried about a pizza tasting 'vegan', look no further than Hop Craft Pizza. I ordered the vegan pepperoni, jalapeño & vegan cheese pizza and after one bite I thought they forgot to make it vegan. After checking the receipt and looking closer I realized it was no mistake, it just tasted amazing! Cheesy and delicious - this is now my favorite pizza.

3. Panang Curry & Drunken Noodles from Sabai.

Best thing on a cold day - thai food. We stopped by Sabai to warm us up and give us something tasty to eat, and they succeeded. The drunken noodles have plenty of veggies and sauce, while the panang curry was warming and flavorful. The best part is, they offer tofu as an alternative to meat in most dishes. We loved it!

4. Toasted Coconut Ice Cream at Scoop.

Don't even get me started on this ice cream. I am not usually a sweets person, or even a dessert person - but I may have just converted for this ice cream at Scoop. The flavor was amazing, tasted like a macaroon, and was so creamy. I love when vegan ice cream is creamy, and they nailed it at Scoop.

5. The vegan chorizo & potato tacos at Don't Look Back.

If you're looking for authentic tacos, with tons of vegan options, Don't Look Back is the place. We ordered the vegan chorizo and the potato taco and were blown away. So much in fact that I forgot to take a photo eating them, so this photo of an empty tray will have to do. Super flavorful, not bland at all and with really great salsa, this restaurant needs to be your next stop.

Ok, I think I have proven to you that Richmond is the place to be if you're Vegan, haha. They pretty much nail every cuisine and make some of the best vegan food I have ever tried. We are traveling to our next destination soon, and I will really miss this food. If you'd like to follow along with me on my adventures living in a new city every month & trying all the vegan food - here is my instagram @laurenzray .

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