Mint Tea - Moroccan Tradition

Welcome to our 22nd country, Morocco! 🇲🇦♥️⠀

I’m on our terrace enjoying some mint tea. Mint tea is a hallmark of hospitality here in Morocco. If you have the honor of pouring the tea, pour the first cup & then put it back into the teapot to help cool it & dissolve the sugar. Start from the right and pour from as high as possible without splashing. They say the more bubbles, the better! Moroccan Mint Tea is also nicknamed “Berber Whisky” here because they enjoy it that much! ⠀

When I got groceries here, I made sure to get some Chinese gunpowder green tea & fresh mint leaves (the recipe here), so I could make my own at home. I add it all to a tea pot with some maple syrup & we’ve enjoyed it every day with lunch on the terrace. This may need to be a new tradition!!⠀

I cannot wait to share more Moroccan traditions with you & show you all around. It’s truly an amazing place!