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Isn’t eating Vegan super restrictive?

My sister the other day said she couldn’t ever be plant-based because the ‘diet’ itself is too restrictive. I disagreed. (She also stated she understood that for me it wasn’t, but with her eating habits it would be.)

SO, I wanted to explain what I mean by saying a plant-based diet is actually expansive (for me personally). And if you can relate to this, maybe it could be for you too.

I used to only eat salads. Like for every meal. It was a high protein, low carb diet for me. Why? Because it helped me stay thin. This is what I knew would work to keep me small. And if I needed to drop a few pounds for a tropical vacation, I wouldn’t eat carbs at all. (I will do an entire post on my old eating habits later).

After going Vegan I started to really eat for the first time in what felt like forever. I ate dishes I would NEVER have eaten in the past - worried that it would make me gain weight. I ate noodles, bread, peanut butter, potatoes…everything! Ok, I didn’t eat meat or dairy. But I could eat EVERYTHING ELSE. And I didn’t gain 1 single pound doing it.

I could now eat “whatever I want” and not gain any weight. I started to eat a more nutritious diet than I ever had before. I’m sure my insides were pumped. I started eating tons of fruits & vegetables, which I never did before - except for the occasional onion or tomato I’d put on my salads. I had more energy than ever before, no stomach aches, clear skin, hair & nail growth, and so many other things started to happen. It was amazing.

Now I’m not saying eating should be all about “losing weight” or “being skinny” - it is most definitely about being healthy. But where I was mentally when I became Vegan - it was all about that for me.

Before I restricted my food like crazy, but now I feel like I’ve expanded it to anything and everything. And that’s how it is for me personally. If you can relate to any of this, maybe eating more plant-based could be expanding for you too.

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