Do you ever feel like bad things always happen to you?⠀

Do you ever feel like bad things always happen to you?⠀

Like the whole world is against you.⠀

Like you already know you will fail, even though you haven’t tried yet.⠀

Like you have to try harder than everyone else.⠀

Like you’re the only person who can’t succeed.⠀

Like you’re failing at life.⠀

Like you aren’t a real adult yet.⠀

Like no one genuinely likes you.⠀

Like you’ll never have enough.⠀

Like you’ll never be enough.⠀

Yeah, so have I.⠀

And it’s ok to feel this way.⠀

But there is hope.⠀

🌟Instead of repeating these thoughts to yourself over and again - repeat the opposite thoughts to yourself. Focus on telling yourself the new thoughts instead. ⠀

👉For example: Instead of telling yourself “No one likes me”, tell yourself “Everyone likes me”. The more you focus your thoughts on the positive, the more naturally those thoughts will come. AND you will start seeing the new thoughts everywhere. You will start seeing people who like you and you will start to believe it to be true.⠀


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