BEST Vegan Southern Comfort Food in Charleston

Charleston has a fantastic vegan scene. They have everything from ramen to pizza and in-between. When visiting a place for the first time, my main goal is to always find vegan-versions of classic food from there. SO when in Charleston, I had to find some vegan southern comfort food, and I believe I have found the best!

Here are my top 6 favorite vegan southern comfort foods in Charleston:

1. The Rarebit - Patty Melt & Jackfruit BBQ

Oh my gosh, I cannot even explain how good their vegan patty melt is. Typically a patty melt is beef, cheese, & grilled onions between two slices of bread. Here they substitute the meat for 2 impossible burger patties and vegan cheese. This sandwich was incredible, as well as their bbq jackfruit sandwich, which was super flavorful.

2. Neon Tiger - Reuben sandwich, Mushroom Pizza, & Fried 'Chicken' Sandwich

I had to list 3 items from Neon Tiger because everything we tried there was FANTASTIC! Yes, we went back twice because we couldn't help ourselves. The Reuben sandwich had the best vegan 'corned beef' I have ever tasted. The pizza was flavorful and cooked perfectly and the fried 'chicken' sandwich was out of this world. This place is a must.

3. Gnome Cafe - Grits Bowl & Vegan 'Sausage' Biscuit

I love the Gnome Cafe because it's a 100% Vegan cafe with tons of Southern food options. We went here twice because the first time was for lunch and the second time was for breakfast. I loved their breakfast and highly recommend grabbing the grits bowl and their vegan 'sausage' biscuit.

4. Annie O Love's Cafe of Sweet Abundance: Chicken & Waffles

As soon as you walk in the door, you can smell the sweet abundance of this cafe. They bake cookies all day and it smells amazing. I highly recommend grabbing some food here. We loved the gluten free waffles & seitan chicken as well as their cookies. Super good!

5. Off Track Ice Cream: French toast vegan ice cream

Ok, yes...we stopped by Off Track 3 times while we were in Charleston. If it's any defense, they changed their winter flavors to spring flavors while we were here - so there was so much to taste! Every flavor we had was incredible. We love it here because they don't skimp on their vegan options. There were 9 vegan flavors when we went! Our favorite by far was the french toast flavor, but any of them will make you happy!

6. Basic Kitchen: Corn Ribs & Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

The small plates here are the real winners. They have tons of vegan options that are all perfectly prepared and delicious. The corn ribs are so flavorful, you eat the kernels off the core like a rib. The Buffalo Cauliflower Wings are fried in tempura and I really like how crunchy it makes them. The cocktails are also good here!

I think that just about sums up my top favorite vegan southern comfort foods. Charleston also has many other amazing vegan food, and I will be posting a blog all about my top favorite restaurants soon! If you are interested in my favorite things to do in Charleston, click here. Have fun eating your way through Charleston!



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