Best Vegan Food in Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore had some surprisingly delicious vegan food! They had everything from tacos to pizza and even ice cream! As I do in most cities, I was on the hunt for a vegan-version of their traditional meal of crab cakes. I found 3 restaurants that served vegan crab cakes, they were all different and all delicious. These are some of my favorite stops.

Let me first start out with some delicious vegan pizzas we had. For some reason on our trip to Baltimore we were obsessed with pizza.

Paulie Gees: Order In Ricotta, this pizza was so tasty. We loved their house-made ricotta (on the liquidy-side) and their vegan sausage.

Alexander's Tavern: Order Veggie Pizza with vegan mozzarella. This is a bar in town that has a historic, cool vibe. The best part is that they have vegan options in their menu, including this tasty pizza. What I loved most was how many veggies they added as toppings - so good!

Verde Pizza: Order Vegan Verdura and Vegan Broccoli Rabe pizzas. The crust was probably my favorite part on these pizzas, so chewy and delicious. I also love that their pizza is Neapolitan Wood-Burning Pizza, it just adds an extra kick in flavor.

Land of Kush: Order the Crab Cakes. There are tons of vegetarian and vegan soul food options, but I chose to try their crab cakes instead. They were super tasty!

Rocket to Venus: This is another vegan soul food restaurant with tons of options! We got the bbq 'ribs', mac n' cheese and cornbread plate plus their crab cakes (not pictured). I felt like the crab cakes were a bit well-done, but the bbq plate was super tasty!

Papi's Tacos - Vegetariano taco, Beyond Meat taco, Tableside Guacamole, & Gingerbread Horchata

I really loved this place, and not just because of their tableside guacamole, but for their inventive drink menu too! We were there in November and they had a gingerbread horchata, it was so tasty and very sweet. They also have tons of vegan options. It is also a chain, so you can find many locations around Maryland.

Bmore Licks - Peppermint Stick & Peppermint Oreo vegan ice cream

This place has so many flavors, and a few vegan ones as well! We were here in November so they had some holiday-themed ice cream of peppermint stick and peppermint stick oreo. I'd have to say I would eat the oreo one again. The waffle cone is not vegan.

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