Why I'm no longer Perfect...

My nickname in school was “Ms. Perfect”. I always tried to be perfect, in every way possible. I never wanted to make a mistake. And when I did, I would be quick to blame someone else or get immediately defensive. “Well, you made me.” Or “Well it’s not my fault because…” This may make sense for a little kid, but it stayed with me into adulthood. Everything had to be perfect. It didn’t help me that Instagram came along and helped promote such “perfect lives”. I never wanted to show the struggles, the cracks, the sad times, the imperfections. If I did, people wouldn’t think I was perfect anymore, and that my life wasn’t all perfection…And then I’d be a failure. We say “Goals” about people who are perfect. 👉But I think “Goals” are people who aren't perfect, but still find the courage to try and to make mistakes, then pick themselves up and continue to do what they love. And now that I’m older, I’m tired of keeping up with this “perfect” standard I set myself since I was a kid. Because guess what? I’m not perfect. My life isn’t perfect. And I have failed many, many times. 🖤It’s ok to make mistakes. It’s even more ok to move past those mistakes and to continue to try (and to fail again). That’s what’s perfect to me.


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