British Afternoon Tea

Have you ever had Afternoon Tea? It was introduced in Britain in the early 1840s as a mini meal to stem hunger before the evening meal at 8pm. It used to be a social event only for the upper class, but now everyone can enjoy it! What’s involved: Scones, clotted cream, & jam. Finger Sandwiches Pastries & Cakes Tea (ours came with a cocktail too!) Here I’m enjoying Vegan🌱Afternoon Tea. I researched and found a few places that served it, but had to choose this place because they had coconut clotted cream (and the others just skipped the cream). My favorite part is the clotted cream! It’s like if whipped cream & butter had a baby!! If you ever visit the UK, sit down for Afternoon Tea. It can last hours, as they take their time serving you, but you can sip your tea & get refills while enjoying a nice chat!