Make dreams come true for yourself.

Our passports are full of stamps, all of our belongings fit in just 2 suitcases, musicbyLUKAS just signed a track with Tiësto, and we are both ready to perform as a DJ Duo at ADE 2019!

We are now coming up on the 1 year anniversary of selling everything we owned and leaving Los Angeles to travel the world. Our company, TEAMMBL (Team musicbyLUKAS) gave us the opportunity to quit our 9-5 jobs that we hated and instead, allowed us to follow our dreams.

Having a dream in one thing, but having the courage to pursue it is another.

Lukas worked at a bank and I worked at a Plastic Surgeon’s office for many years. We both had dreams. Lukas wanted to be a music producer and I wanted to be an actress and director. I suggested we start a YouTube channel since I knew how to edit, and I thought it would give Lukas the chance to have people listen to his music. It started off as simple tutorials and music videos but quickly began to grow. Eventually we started a website - - to host our now growing audience and to give them the chance to buy products that we offered to help further their own music careers.

It was starting to dawn on us that our dreams could finally become a reality. I was starting to book television work as an actress and Lukas signed his first track. Our website was creating some income, so what was holding us back? We needed the courage to really pursue it. So we got the courage. We both quit our jobs. We focused completely on the TEAMMBL family and gave it our all. I filmed and edited all our our videos and content and Lukas designed the website, as well as continued to produce music.

Opportunities began to arise in different places around the world, since we had a very global audience. We were stuck in Los Angeles though, with no real reason to stay. Once again, having courage came into play. Could we sell our house? Could we sell everything we owned and just leave? We had never really traveled before either. But we are both very determined people, so before long, we decided to just do it. We decided to take the leap and to be bold.

Now we have been to over 20 countries including Bali, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden and have been traveling almost non-stop for two years. We never even stop to think about our old house or any of our old things. We have 1 suitcase and 1 carry-on, and that’s all we have. Living life this simply has made our focus even more concentrated.

musicbyLukas has continued to build his brand and has been getting larger releases and collabs. I have continued to work on all of our content, put out several music videos, and am currently working on a Film. Now we are excited to put our new venture to the test, performing as a DJ Duo at this year’s ADE.

With no end in sight, we will continue our travels throughout the world building our company and careers. We have countries like Portugal, Norway, and Brazil in the works and many more down the pipeline. Lukas has some epic tracks coming, and I can’t wait for you all to see the film I am working on.

We hope you can learn from our story that having the courage to follow your dreams is the most important thing. It’s one thing to just think about a dream, and it’s another to actually put a plan in place to make it happen. You have to go out there, be bold, and make your dreams come true for yourself. Live your life regret-free and take chances. Don’t stay comfortable, think outside the box, and know that if you put your whole heart into it, you can do anything.


Lauren Z. Ray & musicbyLukas