Don't miss your own life!

Don’t miss your own life. Taking time in your day to slow down and take in the moments is essential. I never lived my life this way. It was always go, go, go. I even remember my basketball coach saying to me, “You’re like the Energizer bunny! You just keep going.” I used to take it as a compliment. Now I’ve realized filling up my schedule with little room for free time is not how I want to live my life. The more space you create in your life, the more space you create in your mind.

Since I’ve worked on taking in moments, life has slowed down. I’ve been able to be more creative. I’m more grateful for the life I live. I’m happier. I don’t feel like I’m missing my own life anymore. We were walking to a meeting and I saw the leaves falling, and I saw how they looked at my feet.🍂 Although we were running late, I stopped. I took photos & videos and took in the beautiful fall moment. I wanted to rush onto the meeting, but I am so glad I didn’t. It was hard for me to stop but as soon as I did, I felt instant happiness.