Travel Days are the Worst.

Travel Days✈️ are my least favorite days. Luckily, we always stay a month in every country, so we don’t have to do it too often. I really hate traveling and flights haha. On our way to Amsterdam though, I really tried to focus on the positives, rather than let my anxieties take over.

Here is what I focused on: 1. The fact that Lukas is an amazing travel buddy. He’s always calm and helpful. 2. That the UK looks amazing from the sky. 3. A Layover is just time for your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant. (Vegan ramen at Wagamama) 4. Getting your first Pumpkin Spice latte of the season at Starbucks (they didn’t have them in Croatia) 5. Epic lights of Amsterdam from the sky and the fact that you made it without too much drama! As much as I tried to focus on the positives and stay in the moment, there were definitely a lot of challenges. But it’s all about trying even though it’s tough. It really did make it a much more pleasant day for me (us).