Reasons to love Croatia!

More reasons to love Croatia♥️: They encourage you to explore, touch, & climb their Roman Ruins. I took this incredible opportunity to do so and to do it very gently. I can’t explain how cool it was to see real mosaic tiles still on the bottom of a Roman Spa. Or to see washing basins still standing. Or a Pier for their boats still in tact. Or a Roman Villa that still has it’s pillars and walls!

Lukas and I spent hours walking amongst the ruins. It was a 12 minute hike from where we got off the boat and no one else wanted to walk that far. So we had the whole area to ourselves. Their loss! I always wanted to be an archaeologist when I was little, so I could discover and explore old things. So these opportunities mean everything to me! I spent the whole time imagining I lived in Roman times and the villa was my home and I went to the spa to relax and hang with friends. Lukas even put on the soundtrack of Gladiator while we explored because we are weird like that and the vibes were on point.