Stop living for other's opinions.

The freedom to be you, is the greatest freedom of all. When you can stop living for other’s opinions about you and what they want you to be, and just live for yourself - it’s the best feeling in the world.

I still struggle with this. There’s the thing about putting your life out there for everyone to see and criticize, but there’s also a whole lot of baggage from my past that makes it a challenge. As an actress I was constantly living for other people’s opinions, and I was literally doing anything my management told me - how my hair should look, how I should act, what I needed to fix on my face…the list goes on and on. When I decided to leave that life and focus on TEAMMBL (musicbylukas and my company), it was really hard. One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but it was killing my soul. And I had to. I got to finally be free of all that, I got to be me again. I did things because I wanted to - like dying my hair pink, getting my nose pierced, and start showing who I really was online! It was all amazing.

⠀ It’s still a challenge to live authentically me, but I am so much happier doing it. No matter how many DMs or comments I get about who people think I should be or what I should be doing - I have to push forward and just be myself. I hope that if my story resonates with you, it can help. Because I want you to feel the freedom there is to be you!🖤