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5 Things to Do Salt Lake City, Utah 🏜

Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah and named after the ancient Great Salt Lake that’s nearby.

It’s best known for being the religious center of the Mormons, also known as Latter Day Saints, and many of the city's top attractions focus on this aspect. It was founded in 1847 by Mormon pioneers escaping religious persecution and led by Brigham Young. This land was originally of the Eastern Shoshone tribe.

Their street system is set up on a grid, which starts at the Mormon Temple in Temple Square. Utah is a gorgeous state full of interesting history, incredible parks and gorgeous landmarks, and definitely worth a visit.

1. Ensign Peak

For a 1 mile out and back trail with epic views of Salt Lake City, head to Ensign Peak. At the top in 1847 Brigham Young and 7 other pioneer leaders climbed to the top to survey the valley and decide Salt Lake City was where they were going to settle.

2. Great Salt Lake

This is the Western Hemisphere's largest salt-water lake where you can swim or relax in the sun. I wouldn't necessarily recommend either because it's usually swarming with bugs and has an interesting smell. It is a gorgeous site to be seen though, especially at sunrise & sunset.

3. The Beehive House

Our first stop here was to the beehive house. This was Brigham Young’s house, built in 1854 during his time as president of the Mormon church and as Utah Territorial Governor. He lived here with one of his wives, while the other 15 wives lived in the house next door. Brigham Young had 56 children during his life.

Besides giving us a little insight into the Mormon religion and Brigham’s life, this free tour takes you through Brighams office, bedroom, ballroom and many others. Tickets are free and they are open Monday-Saturday.

4. Utah State Capital

This epic building was built in 1916, in the neoclassical revival-style. It towers above the rest of Salt Lake City and therefore has beautiful views from its steps. They have tours available daily.

5. The Pioneer Memorial Museum

This is a large building housing paintings, photos, manuscripts & memorabilia from Utah's earliest founders. You can see 3 original Book of Mormons as well as Brigham Young's cart. Well worth a visit for history buffs! Tickets are free and they are open Monday-Friday 9-4:30pm.

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