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5 Things to Do Louisville, Kentucky

I have been to Louisville several times and have always had a great time here. Of course we love whiskey, so the bourbon scene here is great. They also have great vegan options and coffee shops. This time we came for a concert, and it was so fun!

  1. Old Forester Distilling Co.

We love Old Forester Bourbon but now after taking the tour of this distillery, we love the brand itself. This bourbon is still a privately owned distillery and the tour is so fun! They even take you to see barrels being made. The tasting was also amazing, and we discovered more whiskeys we now love.

Tickets here:

I recommend booking as early as possible, 2 months in advance minimum.

2. Sunergos Coffee

There are tons of coffee shops around Louisville, which we love! We usually end up stopping at Sunergos because its located right next to the vegan restaurant V-Grits. Lukas loves to get their iced coffee with oat milk.

3. V-Grits

This is by far the best vegan option in Louisville. It's comfort food with a vegan twist. We like their bbq sandwich and pub fries. Come hungry! They also have tons of local beers available.

4. Angel's Envy Distillery

This was a great tour, but what is even greater is the taste of their rye bourbon. The bourbon is out of this world. It is my favorite I have ever had. It's sweet like caramel but so smooth. You have to try it!

Tickets here:

I also recommend booking these tickets in advance.

5. Mammoth Cave National Park

This is a National Park where you don't need a park pass or pay for parking to enter. What you do have to pay for is the actual cave tours. You can't hike these by yourself. I highly recommend wearing pants and bringing a jacket - even in summer it is cold in the caves!

We hiked the Extended Historic Tour, which lasts 2.5 hours and is 2 miles long with 540 stairs. This felt like a moderate hike. The cool part was walking through the winding alleys and seeing all the smooth cave stone.

Tickets are $23 each for Adults:

We also hiked the Violet City Lantern Tour, which is a tour you do just by lantern light - so you're in complete darkness. This was my favorite hike because it felt like we were explorers in the cave. It did feel a bit long though at 3 hours in length and 3 miles long with 160 stairs.

Tickets are $25 each for Adults:

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To watch our full trip to Louisville (including food!), check out this video:

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