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5 Things to Do Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati was such a surprise to us! We didn't expect this pretty historical city to have so much to offer and have such nice people there. Here is a list of our top 5 things we did in "The Queen City".

  1. Devou Park

Yes, this is technically on the Kentucky side, but the cool part about this park is the epic view of Cincinnati you get from being here. Totally worth the 15 minute drive!

2. Findlay Park

This is Ohio's oldest surviving municipal market house & operated continuously in the same iron-framed building since 1855. You can come here for groceries, gifts, and especially food. We came to try Harmony, which is a plant-based deli.

3. Cincinnati Reds Game

We ended our first day at the Great American Ballpark to watch the Cincinnati reds baseball team play. Tickets were only $28. They lost the game but we had a good time.

Tickets here:

4. William Howard Taft Childhood Home

The next morning we visited the childhood home of the 27th president of the USA, William Howard Taft. Tours are free through the National Park Service.

5. Cincinnati Art Museum

The last stop of our trip was to the Cincinnati Art Museum. Admission is free and they have some incredible works of art here.

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To watch our full trip to Cincinnati (including food!), check out this video:

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