5 Cool Brooklyn Bridge Facts⠀

5 Cool Brooklyn Bridge Facts ⬇️⠀

1. Was completed by a woman named Emily Roebling when her husband took ill.⠀

2. Was finished on May 24, 1883.⠀

3. Took 14 years and $15 million ($320 million today) to build it.⠀

4. Used to cost a penny to cross, 5 cents for a horse & rider and 10 cents for a horse & wagon. Now it’s free!⠀

5. On May 17, 1884, P. T. Barnum led 21 elephants over the Brooklyn Bridge to prove that it was stable.⠀

👉Which fact surprised you the most?!⠀


During COVID, you can still cross the bridge! There aren’t as many people on it, so it’s easy to stay apart. I highly recommend crossing it from the Brooklyn side. ⠀


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