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5 Best Vegan Food Paris, France 🇫🇷

Looking for the best vegan food in Paris or just curious to see what meatless French food looks like? Well, today I’m going to show you 5 restaurants, plus 2 bonus ones at the end that I loved eating at during my. Month stay here.

I’m Lauren Z Ray, a full-time traveler, living in a new country every month along with my partner Lukas. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for daily vegan travel tips here.

1. Land&Monkeys

This is a 100% vegan bakery and patisserie with several locations around Paris. This was our favorite spot on our Paris travels for several reasons. For one thing, they had so many options. We went 3 times and always had something new to try. Plus they have sandwiches, pizza and other savory snacks besides the pastries and baked goods. That way you can have lunch and dessert. They also serve coffee and lattes. When you go make sure to get the monkey cookie, it is life changing. Its a vegan Nutella stuffed cookie with cartelized hazelnuts on top - the best cookie I’ve ever had.

2. La Potager de Charlotte

This is a 100% vegan French fine dining restaurant. We met the owner & chef while we were there, and he was wonderful. He explained how he uses French cooking influences to create seasonal dishes.

To me, the dishes were so interesting. We started out with the sesame tofu and the sauce that came with it was divine. We used the bread to soak up the last drops. For the mains I ordered something I wouldn’t normally order but the chef said it was great. I got this pumpkin dish with smoked tofu that ended up being out of this world. The sauce and the tenderness of the pumpkin left me feeling so cozy and satisfied, I can’t really explain it. Lukas got the rigatoni which had a pesto sauce and mushrooms. He also really liked his. Then we got pancakes & chocolate mousse for dessert. The pancakes were great, super moist and tasty. The mousse was sweet and decadent. We didn’t order it, but they evened wine pairings with the dishes. There are 2 locations in Paris.

3. Cloud Cakes

We really love this 100% vegan cafe because every baked good or patisserie we’ve had here has been superb. They have several macaron choices to choose from, which can be quite rare when you’re vegan. Their croissants are also my favorite in Paris. I also love their interesting latte choices, like the beetroot one I got last time - so good. They have brunch on Sundays and it comes with so many courses for a great price. Def recommend stopping by for that.

4. Tien Hiang

This is a vegetarian asian restaurant. Their entire menu besides their hot pots are vegan. They have so many classic Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai dishes to choose from. They also have meat replacements for all your favorites like pork, shrimp & chicken. We got their chicken satay, dumplings, coconut curry soup and sweet and sour pork. Next time we go we are going to get a noodle dish, as it looked really good. This def hits the spot when you’re craving asian dishes.

5. VG Patisserie

This is a 100% vegan patisserie that also serves coffees and lattes. They have a good selection of patisserie, including a hazelnut chocolate macaron! We got a pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin pie slice, citron tart and of course, the macaron. Everything tasted on point but I do have to say my favorite was the macaron. I’m not like the biggest macaron fan but this thing was piled high with chocolate hazelnut spread and meringue and tasted so decadent.

Honorable Mentions:

Marcus Pizze Amore

Ok so, I didn’t actually vlog here, but it deserves an honorable mention so I will use my phone footage for this part. But Marcus Pizze Amore is a restaurant with a separate vegan pizza menu and ket me tell you, it was the best pizza I’ve ever had - vegan or not. We got the margherita and the truffle pizzas and we ate every last bite. Except Lukas, who didn’t eat his crusts. The vegan tiramisu at the end just topped off the perfect night. If you eat anywhere in Paris, make this the one!


The Friendly Kitchen

This is a delicious vegan French restaurant where they put an inventive vegan twist on French fine dining. We got their menu where they pair each course with a glass of wine. There were 6 courses all together and it was delicious! The flavors and presentation wee on point. Make sure to get a reservation for Saturday nights, as they can be busy.



Of course, there is so much more to eat on a visit to Paris and these are just some of my favorite spots I got to try. Can’t wait to come back again and try some more, as Paris is a great city for us vegans!

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