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5 Best Things to Do Denver, Colorado🌲

Denver is the capital of Colorado and located just east of the Rocky Mountains. It is the native land of the Arapaho and Cheyenne tribes.

Denver, also known as the mile high city because it sits exactly 1 mile above sea level, is a very walkable city, has 300 days of sunshine every year, 200 parks, gorgeous mountain views and has 4 major sports teams.

So whether you’re here for a sports game, to do some epic hiking or skiing, you’re sure to enjoy something that this mile high city has to offer.

1. Church of Cann@bis🍃

Apparently the Church of Cannabis is a very popular place to visit and with the $25 admission ticket you get to see a light show and hang out in their lounge with a bunch of free games as long as you want.

We were fortunate enough to make the 4:20 show.

2. Mile High Capital⛰

This is a massive Corinthian-style, 24 karat gold-domed building offering tours at 1 mile above sea level. Make sure you step on the official 1 mile above sea level step.

3. Unsinkable Molly Brown House🛳

Margaret Brown, or the "Unsinkable Molly Brown", was a Titanic survivor, American socialite, suffragist and philanthropist. Not only do you get to enjoy a beautiful victorian home on this tour, you also learn a lot more about the Titanic and Margaret Brown (as she was really known by). Tickets are $18 for guided tours and $16 for self-guided.

4. Center for Women’s History📚

Another house museum you can stop by is the Byers-Evans House which now houses the center for Colorado Women’s History. While enjoying some victorian interiors, you also get to learn so much about women’s history. Tickets are $8.

5. Union Station🚂

Our last stop of the day was to head to Union Station, which has been beautifully restored and has many restaurants and shops. We decided to get some Ramen at Jinya. We got the Spicy Creamy Vegan & the Flying Vegan Harvest ramen, super tasty!

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