Where are you from?

Originally, I am from a small town in north central Indiana, USA.


Where did you go to College?

After graduating high school I moved to New York City and took

acting classes there instead of college.


When did you move to LA?

When I was 19. I had never been there before, but wanted a fresh start

and to pursue the acting industry.


Are you and Lukas in a relationship?

Yes, we've been together 11+ years.


How did you and Lukas meet?

I worked for his Dad’s DJ company when I first moved to LA.


Do you still Travel?

Right now we are staying in Indiana, while I finish my

new Documentary.


Where can I get your preset packs?


Don’t forget to tag #laurenzraypresets - so I can check out your

photos & repost! :)


Why are you Vegan?

(I answer this on a separate page, here.)